About Us

About Us

Here at Mind Care Coach we focus on a solution focused approach where possible. We want you to get results quickly (but safely) so we focus on fast acting methods.

Our Coaches / Therapists

Maria Caldicott

Humanistic Registered Counsellor BACP Certified & EFTMRA Level 2 Certified Practitioner

My passion is to help people with the stress that they may suffer with daily in our fast-moving world and stress levels that frequently results with a person suffering from anxiety or depression.

I have a personal journey from the pits of depression and the also the destructive nature of habitual use of alcohol to help deal with my stress.

I am depression free and no longer need the prop of wine to help me cope with my stress and I would like to help other people who suffer from stress and depression to live a life that is stress free and without the use of any health destroying habits. 

The techniques I used to overcome my issues are the ones I would really love to share with the whole world, everyone deserves to feel as free as I do today without that heavy cloud of depression. Let me be of service to you and demonstrate methods that will help you on your way to rise above that black cloud and start to live a life you enjoy.

Contact Maria

Email: maria@mindcarecoach.com

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Chris Andre

Hypnotherapist & EFTMRA Level 2 Certified Practitioner

 I used to suffer from anxiety and stress bought on by life. I went on a long journey to try to find an answer for my anxiety and stress because it was something that started affecting me on a daily basis and manifested itself in various forms such as OCD and Generalised Anxiety. During the days when I suffered from extreme anxiety I liken it to living in a world without colour… life was just not enjoyable (and even sometimes unbearable) I would frequently withdraw from social situations as I was always worried about danger or the fact that people would not like me and I distrusted people constantly with no evidence as to why (even long time friends who had only ever been kind and supportive).


On my journey I found that 3 things really helped get my anxiety and stress under control and they are now the primary things I use in my sessions:


  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
  • Hypnosis
  • Meditation


I now have tools to deal with stress or anxiety as it arises instead of being a victim and that is what I hope to show you in our sessions. My sessions will be designed to help you on a personal level and we will overcome issues using EFT and Hypnosis together within the session, however my main objective is to teach you tools that you can use to prevent and build resilience and then overcome future occurrences. I want to empower you to change because I truly believe that you hold the power to be and feel whatever you want to.

Contact Chris

Email: chris@mindcarecoach.com